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Import Amazon reviews to woocommerce

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Reviews can include ratings and images which increase trust and
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The Importance of Amazon Product Reviews

While Amazon reviews may not be the most important factor in Amazon rankings, they greatly influence conversion. 22% of shoppers won’t look anywhere else once they’ve identified an Amazon product they want to buy, and reviews are a major push when it comes to purchase decisions Read more

Amazon reviews can help boost sales: Customers don’t have the luxury of inspecting a product in person and asking the merchant questions about it in real-time. … They can help build trust in your reputation and brand: When it comes to selling online, reputation is almost everything Read more

import Aliexpress reviews to woocommerce

FAQ - How to use IRivYou to import Amazon reviews to your woocommerce.

Most frequent questions and answers

Once the chrome extension is installed, the user will see 2 new buttons on the Amazon product page (see picture below)

import Amazon reviews to woocommerce

the user then click on the import reviews button, a modal is displayed, the first 90 amazon reviews are loaded de default.

the user can load more reviews from Amazon, cusomize and then import reviews to woocommerce

import Amazon reviews to woocommerce


The user can filter only reviews that contains images by enabling the following option

Import Amazon reviews images

The user can import only reviews with high rating (only 5 stars reviews from Amazon) by enabling this option

Import Amazon rating

The user can replace some keywords in all reviews just by placing the original value and the new value, see picture below

Iimport Amazon reviews to woocommerce

The user can remove any keyword from all reviews just by introducing the value and then click on the button remove keyword

add Amazon reviews to woocommerce

you can find all the steps on the following page


The user can customize any reviews details such as 

Title, content, images, publisher, publish date, tags, email, etc…